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We unlock visionary real estate projects which transform communities.

Our recipe for positioning real estate projects for transformative change and commercial success

We’re a boutique property advisory and transactions firm.
We develop custom solutions to take complex real estate concepts from Idea to Impact
We understand the ingredients required to position projects for transformative change AND commercial success.
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Transforming Communities and Building Partnerships

Our Services

Facilitating transformative real estate projects:

Straighty 180 is not our thing. Life-changing and transformative is what gets us out of bed. We help unlock one-off, destinational, community-shaping projects which build better communities and act as platforms for more engaging human experiences.

Negotiating JV & partnering transactions:

Some say we’re commercial real estate matchmakers. We help find you the right partners to ensure a long, happy, real-estate marriage.
Our Services

We have 20+ years of experience in navigating delivery solutions for transformative, city-shaping, and complex real estate projects.

Alinea was founded on the principle that every extraordinary place begins with a small idea. These ideas evolve into grand visions, catalysing transformative impacts for communities. Our mission is to nurture and bring those ideas to life, fostering positive change.

The name Alinea, derived from Latin, represents the inception of a new idea. Our expertise lies in guiding clients to take a thought bubble from Idea to Impact. In 2018, we traded the Fortune500 corporate world for a boutique agency, embracing flexibility and adaptability to better address our client’s complex needs and create a workplace culture we wanted to be a part of.

At Alinea, we cultivate a creative, passionate work environment that emphasises a studio setting over a conventional office, and values over rigid KPIs. Together with our clients, we prioritise the quality and impact of projects, driving exceptional returns while enhancing community well-being and prosperity.

We do this by bringing years of experience in concept creation and joint venture structuring – to the mutual benefit of land owner and purchaser.

Our pursuit of high-impact projects creates spaces that locals adore, and global visitors seek.

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Meet the team

Ben Koop

Principal & Co-Founder
Specialty - Transformative Real Estate & JV Transactions

Jess Heimburger

Principal & Co-Founder
Specialty - Transformative Real Estate & Concept Development

Fred Porter

Partnering Transactions & Development Management

Paul Sanders

Senior Transaction Manager
Specialty - JV Transactions & Valuations

David Snoswell

Senior Advisor
Specialty - Research & Demographics

Sam Uren

Property Analyst

Lorenz Maglieri

Property Analyst